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Counselors and therapists have been increasingly adopting telehealth in their work, especially as we've adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it is unlikely that telehealth will ever entirely replace in-person work, it is certainly here to stay. As a gift to the counseling community, Meeting Point Counseling makes this collection of online tools freely available (under the MIT open source software license) to support your online and in-person work.

Note: I make no claims or statements about the use of these tools for treatment or diagnosis. They are provided "as is" under The MIT Open Source License, without warranty of any kind, express or implied.

Motivational Interviewing Values Card Sort

This online motivational interviewing values card sort is based on the public domain Personal Values Card Sort by W.R. Miller et al, University of New Mexico, 2001. The tool includes basic instructions for use. You can find a more detailed procedure for values card sorts and a description of their use in values exploration and motivational interviewing in Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change by W. R. Miller & S. Rollnick (2013, 3rd ed., Guilford Press).

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Values Card Sort

This online ACT values card sort is based on the Forty Common Values: A checklist posting made by Russ Harris in the ACT Made Simple - Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Health Professionals facebook group on June 8, 2021. It was adapted to this online card sort version with Russ Harris' permission. The tool includes basic instructions for use. You can find more information about values and ACT at the Association for Contextual Behavior Science and Russ Harris there.

Session Timer

The Session Timer provides a visual reminder when a session is about to start, is nearing completion, or over. When doing telehealth sessions, I use it on a second screen next to my main monitor to provide a visual cue to where we are in the scheduled time. You may also find it handy for in-person sessions if you have a monitor, phone, or tablet, that you (and maybe your clients) can see. Here's how it works:

Session Status
The top of the tool highlights the  session status  when the session is in progress. It is  orange  when the current time is approaching the start time (within 10 minutes) or nearing the end (within 10 minutes). When the session is over, the status turns  red .
Start Time and Duration
There are inputs to set the session start time and duration. The "Now" button sets the start time to your computers current time.
Save Settings
When this box is checked, the tool stores the session start time in your browser's local storage. These settings will automatically be reloaded when the page is reloaded. If unchecked, nothing is saved at all - not in your browser, the cloud, or any remote server.

Custom Tools

If you have an idea for improvements to these tools, would like to use a different set of values cards, are interested in custom tools for your website or practice, or are interested in connecting, please contact me.

About Privacy

Privacy and confidentiality are vital considerations in counseling and therapy - and doubly so for online tools. To ensure privacy, these tools are designed to support and respect users' privacy.

Personal Information
Meeting Point Counseling does not collect or store any personal information (including any information subject to HIPAA) about users of our online tools.
System Information
Information about devices and applications, including web browsers, that you use to access the tools, such as IP address, operating system, browser ID, and other information about your system and connection, may be saved in our web server logs.
Tools run in your browser, not on a remote server
The tools are implemented using JavaScript which runs in your browser. This means they run inside your browser and do not connect to any remote servers.
Tools save minimal configuration data in your browser, only if you tell them to
Each tool includes a checkbox for saving settings. If checked, settings (e.g. session start time and duration in the session timer) are saved using your browser's local storage. Once saved, the tool will use the settings when you reload the web page. If unchecked, the tools don't save anything - not in your browser, the cloud, or any remote server.