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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Values Card Sort

This values card deck is based on the Forty Common Values: A checklist posted by Russ Harris in the ACT Made Simple - Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Health Professionals facebook group on June 8, 2021. It was adapted for this online card sort version with Russ Harris' permission.


  1. If you don't see cards in the columns below, click restart to begin.
  2. Start by choosing an area of life you want to enhance, improve, or explore.
  3. Next, consider which values in the list below best complete this sentence:
    In this area of my life, I want to be          .
  4. You can move cards using the buttons or by dragging and dropping. If you drop a card on another card, it will be inserted before that card.
  5. If a value seems very important in this area of life, move it to the 'Very Important' ( ☑ ) column. If it seems somewhat important, move it to 'Important' ( ☐ ), and if isn't that important move it to 'Not Important' ( ☒ ).
  6. There is no right or wrong way to sort the cards, but make sure to sort them all by how important they are to you today.
  7. After sorting the cards by importance, you may want to sort the 'Very Important' cards in order of importance using the ⇧ and ⇩ buttons.
  8. To move a card all the way to the top or bottom of a pile, hold shift while clicking ⇧ or ⇩
  9. When you are finished, you can create a summary to print or save.
  10. Hint: You may you find yourself questioning your choices. Remember that this is a glimpse of how you feel today with no right or wrong. Strive for more curiosity and less judgement.



Very Important


Not Important